Below is my response to the horrendously tactless post made by one, eastcoastoverdose- , I am very aware there may be flaws, but I’m arguing for the sake of proving how idiotic her post was, please see the link above to her tumblr to witness the post I was talking about:

You’re right, we may talk slow and have funny accents. But Christ almighty I thought you northerners were more educated than what you have chosen to spew out of your mouth.

See I was born and raised in the south, and had the pleasure of living in Tennessee, South Carolina, and Alabama. And I truly believe that the south is God’s country. Bless your heart if you think calling us some mean names is gonna hurt us. Momma always said sticks and stones my break my bones but what ignorant yankees have to say will never hurt me.

You’re right, the NE of America has some lovely historic schools, and landmarks. That cannot be argued with. But for you to put down the great educational system of the SEC, is simply heathenish. The CEO of Apple Mr. Tim Cook, he went to Auburn University. You told me to keep the state of Alabama so I assume I get to keep Tim Cook and whatever advancements Apple comes out with here on out, since they would be the intellectual property of a person who was educated in Alabama.

Thank you for being ever so kind and letting us have Coca Cola, based in Atlanta, they are the most recognized symbol in the world and generates a profit of over $45 billion a year. So if you want a coke, or Pepsi for that matter since it was founded in NC (a traditionally Red State) you’ll have to pay up.

You said you’d keep the best beaches, sorry sweetheart that’s where you’re wrong. See the travel channel lists the top 10 beaches… And 5 of them are in the south. Not to mention Hilton Head Island, my home, is ranked higher than your beloved Cape Cod.

You may get to keep Yosemite, but we get Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, and the Smokey mountains.

The fact that you deem it appropriate to attack the Christian faith floors me, Jonah and the whale is also believed by the Muslim and Jewish faith too.

Doll you can keep your wine, because in the Red states we have Anheuser Busch, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, SoCo, and the holy water itself, Makers Mark.

And I would think twice about bashing single mothers, your beloved Barack Obama was raised by one.

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